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 Ginkgo Biloba
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• Carnitine for Ischemic Heart Disease? on 10-10-2003  >>>  
• Ginkgo May Help Children with ADHD on 10-10-2003 >>>
• Herbs are Rich Source of Antioxidant on 10-10-2003 >>>
• Putting Insomnia to Bed with herbs on 10-10-2003 >>>
 Herbal Medicine Description
erbal medicine is almost as old
  as human civilisation itself.Ancient
  people quickly realised that some
  plants were edible,some poison -
  ous and some beneficial to their
  health. Traditional systems of
  medicine have been used
  throughout the world for
  centuries. >>>
 Company Short Bref
 • Export of natural and herbal food
   supplements manufactured by
   national companies in Bulgaria.
 • Import and distribution of
   natural and herbal food
   supplements in Bulgaria.
 • Manufactuing any kind of
   natural and herbal product
   by order.
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 Bee honey and bee products
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